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Welcome to the world of Hourglass! Head over to Downloads for the game, or take a look at About for a walk through the world and gameplay of our mind-blowing puzzle game.

By Tim Wilson, Jeffrey Christiansen, Kieren Wallace, Evan Wallace and Anna Besley using the Swingame SDK (
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Inspired by Chronotron, Hourglass is a platformer involving puzzles based on the traversal of time. Originally it was written using Gamemaker, however the engine was too simple and buggy for the complex nature of time travel, so the production was moved to coding in Visual Basic. It was then entered into the Swingame09 competition (and emerged victorious!), with the assistance of some of Tim's friends in fields such as bug testing and graphical interface.

Hourglass II is under development, it will include a complete remake of the reverse time system (and lots of other things :)), and will be able to run on a larger variety of operating systems.

We welcome additional levels from the general public. If you have built a level using the editor and would like it to be included in Hourglass, then email your level to the bug report address listed above.