Adventure Through Time!

Enter the world of Hourglass, where strange portals cover the land- not portals to a different world, but portals through time. Travel into the future to set up a path for your future self, or go to the past to change your actions in the future! But beware of causing paradoxes- time can be a harsh mistress...

Time-warping Items

       Travel to any point in time with the "Chronobelt"- but make sure you don't jump into a door or platform, or you'll get CHRONOFRAGGED!
       Send a box or even your past self to any point in time with Timothy Algenon-Porter's Fantastic Time-Beam Goggles- but be careful not to destroy the boxes by crushing them with their future selves...
       You can be the master of the flow of time with the Absolute Hourglass- when the sand flows backwards, so does time itself! Watch, amazed, as reality unreels before your very eyes!

Over 40 Mind-Bending Levels

Challenge your brain with the 45 official levels, and if you manage to finish those feel free to download our level packs, or even build your own with the comprehensive level editor packaged with the game. If you build a level that you like particularly, feel free to email it to us and we'll add it to the next level pack for the world to play!